This is the visual journey of my life, travels, friends and interests. All photos are taken by me. My name is Benjamin Talley Smith and I'm a designer [not a photographer] in New York City/Los Angeles. I'm currently the Creative Director of Earnest Sewn and a creative consult for Vince, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Aritzia. In the past I have designed brands such as Rag & Bone/JEAN, Helmut Lang, 3x1 and Evisu. Enjoy!

The Castings launched today in the US and online. The 15th brand I’ve been a part of. Check it out.

Never not. Brooklyn, NY. 4|22|14 (at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK))

Launched this week in the US and Canada! Paradise Mine. The 14th brand I’ve designed. Check it out at Aritzia. New York City. 4|18|14

It’s so rosey here. Los Angeles, CA. 4|15|14 (at Bar Stella)

This pretty much sums up last night. See you later New York City. 4|13|14 (at The Jane Hotel Ballroom)

This is me during 8 hour shopping trips. New York City. 4|8|14

Doppelgängers/Doppelgänger, Los Angeles, CA. 4|4|14

The Jesus. Los Angeles, CA. 4|2|14 (at Upstairs Rooftop Lounge at Ace Hotel)